Allahabad HC directs schools to refund 15% fees charged in 2020-21, details here

NEW DELHI: The Allahabad High Court has asked private schools in the state to refund excess money i.e., 15 per cent of fees charged from children during the academic session 2020-21 when offline classes could not be conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice J.J. Munir’s bench said that 15 per cent of the entire fees charged in 2020-21 should be adjusted in the next academic session.
A PIL was filed on behalf of many parents regarding the regulation of school fees being charged during the COVID-19 period.
On behalf of the petitioner parents, it was emphasised in the court that except for online tuition no service was provided in private schools in the session 2020-21. Therefore, charging even a single rupee beyond the tuition fees by private schools indicates nothing but profiteering and commercialisation of education.
In support of their contention, the petitioners also mentioned the Supreme Court’s recent judgement in Indian School, Jodhpur vs State of Rajasthan which states that private schools demanding unnecessary fees without providing any service leads to profiteering of education.
As per the High Court order, the schools will also have to refund 15 per cent of the total fee they have charged in 2020-21 to the students who have left the school.
For this process, the High Court has given time of 2 months to all the schools. All the petitions were heard on January 06, 2023 and the decision has come today, on January 16, 2023.