‘AAP govt failed to provide SC scholarships’

CHANDIGARH: By bringing a resolution in the House that SC students are not getting scholarships, the AAP government has accepted that they have failed to provide any relief to students, deputy leader of opposition Raj Kumar Chabbewal said on Thursday.
Speaking to media persons after the assembly session, Chabbewal said the government is interested only in theatrics and has failed to deliver in the last six months.
Regarding the allegation that the scholarship amount was pending due to the wrongdoings of the previous government, Chabbewal said that if there is a “scam” then why is the government not taking action against those involved in it? He demanded that the government immediately release the pending dues of the institutions so that the poor SC students can secure further admissions and pursue their higher studies.
The disbursal of post-matric scholarship for SC students amounting to Rs 1,563.77 crore is pending for three years — 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 — due to the central government withholding its share for want of utilisation certificates and failure on the part of Punjab government to get the scheme audited. The scholarship scheme in Punjab has been marred by poor implementation and the delay in the release of the scholarship amount had become a major political issue in the last assembly elections.