7 Pumpkin Skin Care Products For Healthy, Glowing Skin

It turns out that pumpkin has a place beyond pie filling, spiced lattes and front porch decorations. This unofficial mascot of fall can actually do wonders for dull, congested and rough skin.

“Pumpkin contains alpha hydroxy acids that can help to gently exfoliate your skin,” said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Emmanuel Loucas, director of SINY Dermatology in New York City and assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai hospital.

Alpha hydroxy acids (or AHAs) are a classic skin care staple known for their ability to decongest pores and brighten complexions.

Aside from the benefits of exfoliation, Loucas said that pumpkin also works as an antioxidant, an essential ingredient for protecting skin from daily environmental stressors responsible for premature aging.

″[It’s] rich in vitamin C, copper, and zinc, which can help reduce unwanted pigment on the skin,” he added.

Like most great things, you can also overdo it, which is something that Loucas cautions against when incorporating pumpkin into your beauty routine.

“Pumpkin may be hard to use on sensitive skin because of the hydroxy acids. [However,] it may be of extra benefit in darker complexion patients who have unwanted pigment or dry changes in their skin,” he said.

Because pumpkin comes in so many different product types, Loucas suggests that people with sensitive skin stick to oil or cream formulations rather than a harsh scrub.

Your guide to pumpkin-laced skin care goodies is just up ahead, and what a time to indulge in this autumnal ingredient, now that we’re officially in the throes of fall. Score a long-adored vitamin C serum that can assist with collagen production or a vitamin-packed clarifying mask that’s perfect for targeting congested pores.

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