16 Things Our Editors Bought In September

As shopping editors, it takes a fair amount of self-control to not purchase every item that comes across our computer screens. Temptation is everywhere, but years of testing, reviewing and researching products has helped us to cultivate a discerning eye. So when we do take the plunge and make a purchase, you better believe it’s going to be worth the expense. Some of these are items were hemmed and hawed over for months, others were impulse purchases that filled an immediate need.

They run the gamut from Western-style knee-high boots to cleaning supplies, home decor and a highly rated fabric shaver. (You’ll definitely want to snag one too as we gear up for chunky sweater season.) Keep reading to peruse the bounty of goodies our team shelled out cash for this September from retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, Target and more. You may find yourself trying some delicious treats, organizing clutter and or getting excited for fall fashion. There’s a good chance you’ll be adding some of these must-haves to your carts as well.